“One question bloggers should not ask themselves is, What does it take to get published? If you have a blog, you are already published. People are reading your work. In fact, if you have 2,000 readers, then you already have more readers than 95% of authors who have books in bookstores.” __Andrea Doering, Executive Editor – Revell Books.

“But what if you don’t have 2,000 readers? Maybe you have 30 readers. Do you roll your eyes at those 30 readers? Do you think of your work as valuable even if only 30 people read it?

“Consider this: what if 30 women showed up in a room to hear you speak. Would you see it differently? Would you roll your eyes at them? No way! You would prepare and plan and maybe even get nervous. And you would look forward to meeting with these 30 people who made the effort to show up and listen.”

During a season of introspection I stumbled into Emily’s blog and she was writing about writing…the reasons for it and so on. At that point she had recently been “published.” Something I’ve always aimed for.  And I found her words SO inspiring and SO liberating.  They (the words above) sent me off to check my web site stats – on average 150 visitors per day, more around Christmas and Easter!

Those numbers sent me back to Chatting At The Sky to re-read, “what if 30 women showed up in a room to hear me speak?”  Wow!  There are nearly 100 subscribers to my blog…women watching my posts for positive words of encouragement and hope.

I can’t stop writing!

There are other reasons why I can’t stop writing, too.  I write because it gives me a creative outlet. Writing pushes me to learn. Writing encourages me to stay positive and gives me hope. Writing this blog wins new friends and keeps me in touch with old friends who are dear to my heart.

Nope…I can’t stop writing  – my work is too valuable, to me and to my readers.

see ya soon



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Grace & Peace 🕊 Phil. 4.12-13
Contentment is not about getting what you want. Contentment is about wanting what you have.

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