Today’s temperatures are approaching 70 degrees!  It’s another full morning in the garden. Love this spring weather.  Lovely!  Lovely, lovely.

We have three old Hybrid Tea Roses that currently reside in the afternoon shade of our grapefruit tree.  Just Joey, Garden Party and Gemini lived across the lane in full sun for the first several years of their lives.  Then maintaining that garden patch plus our yard got to be too much for us – so we moved them to the rose bed between our four square garden and the lawn.  The grapefruit tree thrives in that location; so much so that it has almost completely shaded the bed.    The plan has been to move these old beauties to one of our few full sun spots as soon as the bare root roses appeared in the Garden Centers.  Today’s the day.

D’s doing the work and I’m directing traffic.  Lots of our gardening is done that way.  We’re under-planting the roses with Society Garlic and Baby Tears – garlic to help ward off aphids and baby tears to give the bed a soft green carpet of ground cover.  I’m hoping and praying they all do well and continue to thrive for many years to come.  I’ll let you know how it works out.

Also today, while we have all this warm weather and sunshine D got some nice shots of the Snowdrops along the front of the house.  I love their swaying bells dotted with lime green.  They make me smile.

Hope you find something today that makes you smile too.

see ya soon