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7 weeks to a better understanding of your Bible download the pdf e-book nowThis week  marks the completion of a project I’ve been working on since last November.  My second inspirational e-book, How To USE Your Bible, is online in PDF format – ready to be downloaded.  At last!

What a wild ride it has been!

Last summer we began attending a small community church in our neighborhood.  We went at the invitation of a sweet friend from down the lane and, because of her affiliation with the pastor, we were welcomed and accepted.  Or so it seemed…

The story is long. And sad.

To make it short…in November I offered to present a seven week series designed to help some of the new Christians in the group become more familiar with their Bibles. My offer was welcomed and accepted.  Or so it seemed.

What with one thing and another we didn’t actually start the series until early January.  The first week went quite well.  Or so it seemed.

Week two…okay…no problems. The group was receptive and excited about what we were sharing, but the pastor’s wife was not present that week.

Less than fifteen minutes into the third week everything we had assumed, thought, or believed about our welcome and acceptance came to a dramatic halt.  Turns out our faith was questioned. Our motives were questioned. And, our doctrinal beliefs were challenged on every level – especially our stand regarding the completed work of the Lord and His abundant Grace.

The truth is, all of the unpleasantness was our own fault.  We should have been much more thorough when discussing our basic beliefs with the pastor and his family. That was a huge mistake on our part. We were not asked to leave the church.  But, as it turned our, unless we were willing to renounce the Gospel of Grace, we simply could not continue to attend there.  Of course, we cannot deny the things we have lived and so believe absolutely.

The good news?  I was determined to finish what I believe the Lord helped me to start –  preparing a study for the full seven weeks.  Writing this turned out to be a huge blessing for me.  As each week was finished, I posted it online, making it available to anyone from the group who was still interested.

As the weeks progressed it became obvious there was an e-book happening – and here it is  Understanding Your Bible.  I offer it to you with the assurance that it was inspired by the Holy Spirit, and that it will be a blessing to anyone who believes, as we do, that grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

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  1. Thank you so much for putting this on your blog! Alayna our 12 year old miessd this at church so I am so happy to be able to share this with her. I would love it if you could put this on Facebook then I could share it with others


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