pitchin’ a fit

The Contentment Cottage Blog database server was down all of last night!!! And even though I didn’t want to pitch a FIT…I pitched a fit! It was the  kind of fit that sucks the air out of the room and leaves all of us wondering ‘what just happened?’

This has, in fact, been a difficult week all around.  Monday morning we took Kai Li with us on a short shopping run.  She gets so excited when she gets to GO!  Unfortunately, we didn’t take the time before we left was make sure she had gone.  On the way home she had an accident of major proportions. She pooped in the pickup!  Poor baby. She was so embarrassed.

Monday night, for no known reason, I couldn’t sleep. I was still up tinking with coding and graphics for CCB at 2:00 AM!  And, for the first time since I put it on the new theme everything was looking just exactly the way I wanted.

Tuesday D had an upset tummy and felt just plain bad all afternoon and evening.  When he feels bad…he feels BAD! He never says much, but I know he’s not up to par. That takes me out of sync, too.  So…when on Tuesday evening I tried to log in and put up a new post only to find an error message on a blank page it just capped off my tolerance for little irritants.

By eight this morning, when I checked CCB, to find it had been down all night, EVERYTHING just felt OFF.

What? You thought that just because I don’t normally write about problems here on CCB we never have ’em.

HA! Sure. Right!

Today I had one of those ‘nothing’s wrong – but everything’s wrong’ moments.

Ever had one?

I’m told it’s a female thing.  When I’m told it’s a female thing, I lose my already shaky composure and talk back.  When I talk back the conversation escalates to discussion and quickly gets out of control.

Sorry all. Β Ouchy-grouchy, itchy- bitchy is SO not where I want to be. Please forgive me.

All is forgiven! The pickup is fabreze fresh, like one of those stupid TV ads, with no evidence of smelly problems.  CCB is back online so I can post and check comments again. Hugs, kisses and a nap fixed everything else!  All’s well that ends well.

Hope your problems all go away as easily.

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