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Being a ‘glass is half full’ sort of gal, June brings me to my favorite half of almost any year.

Granted the six months just past contained some exceptional celebrations – Easter, several family birthdays and Spring – just to name a few. But, the half full rest of the year is so special.

First and foremost SUMMER comes calling this month.

Summer afternoon — summer afternoon;
to me those have always been the two
most beautiful words in the English language. _Henry James

Cook-outs in the yard, full-on garden splendor, the Fourth of July – all these things count for full fledged FUN times. But the most amazing part of June, and summer – trips to the coast.

Starting in June we turn our thoughts toward a few days at the coast… a few days when the only requirements are – wear the most comfortable clothes you own, eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired and only participate in activities you truly love. Nothing, nothing at all, renews and refreshes me like the freedom of a day by the ocean.

It’s possible to spend an entire morning, stretched out in a cozy spot on the beach, protected from dawn’s chilly breeze by a niche in the cliffs. The sound of the waves, lapping the shore in gentle rhythm, lulls my mind to stillness. Watching little sea chickens racing the foam of the high tide line hunting for breakfast calms my soul. The warmth of the sun, as it climbs above the cliffs and reaches into my hiding place, melts my heart and restores my energy. Soft warm sand between my toes massages away the last remnant of stress as I gather my unread book and prepare to return to the house, driven by a now urgent hunger fueled with hours of sun and wind.

Three or four such mornings in a row are an adequate treatment for several months of life’s most intense challenges.

Of course, there have been summers when the few precious days set aside to refresh and renew my soul were spent inland, visiting friends or family. I wish it were possible to say those trips are also completely satisfying. Honestly, my heart demands time by the ocean even when such trips are in progress and I often hear myself inviting the people I love to “come spend a few days at the coast with me.” There’s really no plausible explanation for the affinity I have with the ocean. It’s something born late in my life and nurtured carefully over the last 30 years.

So… with summer officially just around the corner here in the US, and plans for vacations being made by many of my friendss, let me wish you a joyous journey. Hopefully your time off will include

Nana’s “R & R” Rules
  • there are NO rules
  • travel to a place you adore
  • wear the most comfortable clothes you own,
  • eat when you’re hungry
  • sleep when you’re tired and
  • only participate  in activities you truly love

I promise you,
three or four such days in a row are an
adequate treatment for
several months of life’s most intense challenges.

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