rain, rain! at last!

Today dawned gray and wet!  Hooray!  Rain…at last! Everyone is thankful…even the doves, although their posture might make you wonder.  Guess the swift shift from 80° to 60° caught them off guard, too.

And then there’s the snow! Dick grabbed this beautiful shot off of the Sentinel Dome web cam at 11:25 this morning. If you’re at all interested in watching winter settle in on the Sierras go to the Yosemite Conservancy  and pick a webcam.  Some of these shots are simply stunning! Click the one below to see it full size.

D and I are both children of the mountains, and so we love watching the seasons change in our current California home and in our old stomping grounds around Estes Park, Colorado. This shot came from Windcliff, near the Rocky Mountain National Park via the webcam HERE back in February.

So, if you’re getting the impression I’m glad to see rain and winter, you couldn’t be more right.

Hooray for rain!




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