colors of spring

March 20, 2013

Spring is three days old and March is predicted to “go out like a lion.”
Today it’s cool for March and a brisk breeze is keeping the temp way below the 70° forecast.

Japanese Maple

But this morning, for a few moments, the sun streamed across the patio and bathed the Japanese Maple, who lives near the back porch, in glorious light. These are the colors of Spring in our garden. A backdrop of  soft bluish gray; the weathered fence and the darker gray of the Ornamental Pear Tree trunks, enhanced by  the deep forest green of the cypress. A perfect foil to the amazing yellow through red splendor of emerging maple leaves and blossoms.  WoW!  What a show.

Maple - closeup

I pray there is something amazing in your world that will help you







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