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toy hosi’pul

Today KiKi’s toy had to go to the hosi’pul !

When KiKi came to live with us, back in January—after almost two years of living on the streets—the veterinary hospital where we took her to be…ahem…fixed?…checked her in as feral cat – Little Calico. As a result we decided to name her Callie.

By mid-February it had become very apparent Callie was not her name. She flat refused to answer to Callie. When we called her, she simply ignored us. Period. She would at least look up and raise an eyebrow if we called, “here kitty-kitty.” One day, instead of kitty-kitty, I called her KiKi…and she came running. Okay! So her name is KiKi. Thanks for letting us know kitty.

KiKi and Kai Li have become friends. She has settled into the family routine nicely, and begun adding a few quirks of her own.

Kai Li, Ki Ki & DadOne of her things is an afternoon romp with her very own toy—a bamboo twig laced with ribbons and brightly colored strings. She comes into the office where I’m writing and asks to play with it. Seriously. She does. But yesterday the romp got a bit rough and her toy started to unravel. So we took it to the toy hospital!

Now having a toy in the hosi’pul is something Kai Li is very familiar with. Over the years she’s waited patiently while dozens of her toys were mended. Or buried, depending upon the severity of the injury. But this was a first for KiKi.

All in all, she waited. She watched. She tried to help. And, when it was all fixed, she and Kai followed us back to the office and the game went on.

Fur people are FUN, Wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. Awww, yes I agree! I love my cats. I’ve got 4 right now. We had 2 but after my husband died in Nov. I needed some kittens to love. The 2 oldest are 14 and 10 and the babies are close to 6 months old.


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