little helpers


Sometimes, when everybody is all comfy and laid back, a small problem arises.  In this case Kai Li loved the toy she was holding, but Dad took it away. This can be very worrisome, especially if somebody has chewed (er…loved) a small tear in it.


Dad, it’s my favorite. I’ve got nothing else to play with you know. What? Oh those toys over there must belong to…her.

kiki&printer ‘Oh right!. Can’t you see we’re busy here? I’m waiting on this printer to finish the job.”


But Dad takes the wounded toy to the hosipal in the porch to be stitched up.


You can see how worried everybody was, but it’s all better now. With just a bit of supervision Ki Ki was able to help Dad out and reassure Kai Li.


So…the toy’s mended. the printer’s finished, and everybody is comfy, cozy again. Thanks Dad.

see ya soon