desktop cat & mouse

Just so you’ll know…

desktop.cat.1I had an eye exam bright and early Tuesday morning. It’s been a bit over a year since my last one, and the doctor I’ve seen for a number of years changed her location. So.o.o new doctor. New Rx. Changes.

Now I’m not one to enjoy change much, but I adapt well. When I picked up my new contacts I realized my error. The old Rx was geared toward seeing my computer monitor clearly. Granted it required adding a pair of readers to… well, read. And leaving my contacts out if we were going to watch football all day, otherwise the score box was too blurry to read.

Oh, by the way in exactly 100 days Norte Dame plays Texas…the season begins. YAY!

My error was in telling the new doctor about the problem. He fixed it. Perfectly. TV screen is clear as a bell. I can read the fine print comfortably. No problem.  It’s my monitor that’s all blurry now!  Dang!!!

So.o.o, I says to myself, says I, “Let’s just rearrange the desktop to get the monitor a bit closer. No big deal. Right?

Well, I should have checked with Miss KiKi first. She is accustomed to sleeping on one end of the desk while I work. And while I was moving the books and stuff off of the desktop to clean and rearrange, she jumped up to see what was up.

Upon finding her space cleared, she decided it was nap time. So…taking her mouse for company…she made herself comfy in the space available.

desktop.cat.2Now if you know us at all, you know our fur kids pretty much get their own way in most cases. In this case, where am I gonna put my books and stuff? She’s taking up a good bit of prime real estate here.

desktop.cat,3Well…we talked about it, and she decided she could compromise. “But just remember who owns this desktop, Mom.”


Later, with the books and stuff back in place, the monitor visible (with readers!) and me back to  work on my current Bible Study Series, Kiki has figured out she can sleep pretty much anywhere Mom’s working, just as long as her mouse is close at hand. Guess she adapts, too.



All’s well that ends in a nap, it seems.

see ya soon