cottage garden

the color of rain

the color of rain
clouds – the color of rain

We live
down the lane,

in a little old cottage the color of rain.

First let me just say, “I strongly dislike this daylight savings time thing.” It messes up my mornings. Actually, it messes up my whole inner clock. Last night was one of those nights when I was still rattling around at 2 am, But because of DLS it was actually 3 am. So when upon waking about 9 am (that’s normal after one of “those” nights) I looked at the clock only to discover I had slept until 10:30. The morning is gone. The day is shot! Hate it! Just HATE it!

With that being said, after our coffee and quiet time, D said, “Grab you sweater and come see the garden.” Now we’re talking about something I really enjoy…you could use another strong word here…something I LOVE. ♥  The clouds were “the color of rain”  Blues and soft grays, fluffy and threatening, but soothing, too. Kinda like the color of our cottage.

The light in the yard was perfect for taking some new pictures to share with y’all. Here’s the slideshow:

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And while we were at it, I took a few close-ups with an eye toward doing some new watercolor studies.



daffodilsWe’ll see how that goes.

All in all it was truly a beautiful morning…

DLS or not. I’ll just go with my old joke about the thing being cooked up by an elderly Indian Chief who cut one end off of his blanket and sewed it to the other end to make it longer. It didn’t work then either.

see ya soon