the tale of the numbers

soulA week’s worth of new experiences.

A while back I opened a Facebook page to compliment Contentment Cottage – The Blog. That page has been limping along with under twenty 💚 likes 💚 since sometime in March. “Okay,” says I to myself, “there’s no real point in spending too much time trying to build an audience, because what I post is not reaching people anyway. The insights show goose-eggs across the board My time is more valuable than that!

Whoo-boy was I in for a surprise! Last Friday A Texas Girl  shared the page and within twenty-four hours it had 242 new 💚 likes 💚 !

This afternoon the numbers are on tract to roll past 500. It amazes me.

It also amazes me how much time goes into maintaining a successful (and by that I mean a high volume of likes, shares, comments and new followers) Facebook presence  It has become painfully obvious in order to accumulate new followers, and earn their participation new posts are necessary—frequently! Like every couple of hours frequently!

Time to re-evaluate

After spending hours and hours this week amassing five-hundred followers on Facebook, the time has come for me to evaluate the cost.

Numbers are nice! On the other hand, I haven’t been to the garden all week. I haven’t been to the studio. And I haven’t given Mr. Lebsock much quality time at all.

One thing I did accomplish this week was shipping the electronic manuscript of “Inappropriate Behavior” off to a potential publisher. On the other hand, here is a new novel waiting for attention. It’s about one-eighth complete and all of my computer time has been devoted to social media. Plus, THIS is the first post on my blog since last Friday!

Reality check…

O my goodness…can you imagine how much time it must take to build a Facebook following numbering in the tens of thousands the way some of the pages I follow have done?

Today I have come to the realization that’s not going to be possible for me. I love our garden. I love to spend time with Mr. Lebsock in our Kitchen, cooking up yummy stuff to share with you here. I love my studio. I love following my imagination through a new story or studying out new information from God’s Word. Most of all, I love designing and posting here on my blog, just like I’ve been doing since back in ’96.

New friends for my blog would be wonderful, but only two or three of the five hundred followers have clicked over here, and there has been no interaction at all. I can’t give up all of the things I love to go chasing after followers on Facebook, leaving the important stuff neglected. The cost is too high.


And so dear hearts, that means I’ll be attending to Contentment Cottage – The Blog – and letting Contentment Cottage @ Facebook tend to itself a lot, Sort of treating it like the proverbial step-child I guess. Sad but that’s the necessary conclusion—the numbers just don’t add up.

see ya soon