welcome new friends

Welcome Dear Hearts 

We live down the lane,
in a little old cottage the color of rain.

We love making new friends and sharing bits of this and that
with them whenever they drop by for a visit.

Imagination reigns here, so on any rainy day, when you have nothing to do,
come on over for tea and we’ll get better acquainted.
Your thoughts are appreciated,
we’d love to know what you think.
There’s a place for comments, you can trust that they’re safe.
We’d never misuse your name or email. Promise.

  You’ll meet Suzie and Cedric, who bring our stories to life.
Suzie is seven and Cedric is two
and on dark rainy days,
when there’s nothing to do,
Nana Ellen bakes cookies
or brings out a book.

Sometimes we play dress-up
with Nana’s old hats…
then Suzie’s a big girl
and Cedric’s not, um…fat!


So, come see us often
and join in our games.
Your welcome as the violets
that come after the rain.

see ya soon