the changing face of facebook

Unless you reside under a rock, you’ve heard the “Facebook” conversation that has permeated both social and main stream media for the past several weeks.  Interestingly the conversation was even extended to the “Women’s Group Bible Study” at our local church.  Last Wednesday evening the Pastor himself (a rare occurrence in my understanding) addressed the group—presenting a four-page dialog itemizing the problems and pitfalls facing social media users, Facebook most especially. As he closed his presentation, I scrawled

“delete Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts — reconsider keeping the blog, too.”

across the top of page four!

April 24th Screenshot – 3,600 Page likes!

If you’ve followed the Contentment Cottage Page on Facebook, or read my Blog for any length of time, you’ll remember that I go through the “fight or flight” debate about once a year. It usually happens just before the bill arrives for my annual hosting program and domain name renewals.  But… But, this morning ‘The Page’ reached 3,600 likes, 98% of them by word of mouth (shares). I’ve only succumbed to the “promote your page” temptation once, very early on. After that, my frugal nature got the better of my need for validation, and I determined to accept the likes and comments as they come—without buying them.

Now, Facebook is under fire for inappropriate behavior.

Rumors persistently swirl around the perceived or imagined prejudice against any ‘Christian’ content.

Only 10%, or less, of the people who have liked the page ever see the posts in their News Feed, unless they have consistently “liked 👍” or commented on the posts.

Plus, it seems everything is about the $$ bottom-line $$ profit with this company.

So why keep posting?

Because I enjoy posting.

Because I believe my Inspirational Christian posts and Bible quotes offer a tiny bit of hope to an ever darkening world.

Because there are a goodly number of women, from around the globe, who enjoy reading my posts, affirming them with 👍 [likes] and ❤ [loves] and shares.

Because I understand the problems and the pitfalls of social media use, and I’m mature enough to monitor my usage in a responsible manner. And…

Because I truly believe most of the “Facebook” conversation/controversy is simply a “tempest in a teapot” anyway.

So there you have it friends. I hope you’ll keep reading the posts, passing along the ones that speak hope and encouragement to you.

see ya soon


  1. What you say is so true. I have a public page that I started as well a few years ago. I too have avoided the “boost your page” dilemma for the same reasons..I don’t have as many followers, but I know that the increasing number of followers have gotten to me by good people who have liked my page and shared it..I won’t delete my fb because even though there is so much ugliness in many conversations, there are still good, courteous and compassionate people in the world. The temptation to join in is up to you, the anger you sometimes feel is up to you to contain. And pages like yours and blogs like yours settle down that temptation.. You inspire us to be good people and though we may be on different sides of the spectrum in our politics and our beliefs, we can still unite in the name and the spirit of God..Keep up the good work..Blessings


    1. O thank you Connie. Your encouragement means a lot. Blessings for you as well. I don’t know if your page is one I’ve linked to on fb. What is the title, please?


  2. Oh how I relate! Please stay. At least as long as God says to stay! You are needed, loved. A breath of the freshest air. Pure inspiration. And such beautiful artwork. No, don’t go! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    1. You can be assured that I’m going nowhere until and unless God gives me instructions to move. And, judging from the comments here and on the fb page, you’re not the only one who feels strongly about “The Cottage” posts. I LOVE that you’re always there to cheer me on. Hugs, e


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