bad news

Good Bye Facebook 🙁 Facebook declares it’s cutting off businesses, brands, and media from News Feed for good 😕 Facebook’s Updated News Feed Will Make Organic Post Reach Nearly Impossible
Just when you thought organic post reach on Facebook couldn’t get any worse 😥

The time I’ve spent building a page (brand) here has been a labor of LOVE and so many of you have faithfully followed along. But…Facebook has changed EVERYTHING! (see links below) And the time must now be devoted to something that serves my passion to encourage, inspire and motivate Christian Women in a positive way.

Therefore, my posts will now be on the Contentment Cottage Blog at If you’re interested in following along there, wonderful. Your comments will always be welcome. Back in the early days, b4 Fb, almost all web interaction was via personal blogs! In the meantime, if there is another social media source where we can meet and interact, I’m open to suggestions…

I Love you All

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