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this is enough

Just to let you know…I’m back! What’s that? You didn’t know I was away?

Well…on the 15th of June we were attacked by a virus! I don’t know if it was “the virus” or not. We went to Dr. Jesus, presented Psalm 91 as our position on the matter, and waited. We both had all of the suggested symptoms of “the virus” and some of them are still hanging around. For example my taste is way off, so is my sense of smell and I’m still needing a couple of naps per day to stay upright. Mr. L is doing better than that, but his energy level is no where near at the level it was before this nastiness came calling.

That being said, I’m back blogging. I can do that without exerting too much energy, which I don’t have.

And, also, just to let you know…my energy is going toward moving most of the Facebook posts from 2020 until now into this format. Why? Because while I was away, Facebook was busy doing what Facebook does, and everything about the “page” I’ve worked on for a few decades has been remodeled, changed, and overhauled. And NOT for the better. Today, rather than a “page” Facebook has deemed what we’ve published for years as a “business”. Ads are a requirement if we want to collect data on our visitors, etc. etc. etc.

This is enough! I’m over it. I apologize to my faithful followers. Interacting with all of you has been a joy. I love your comments and have come to know some of you as dear friends. But enough is enough.

Starting right now, ContentmentCottage.com is getting ALL of my time and energy. Contentment Cottage II on Facebook will be phased out as soon as I have copied the best of those posts over here.

It is my sincere hope that some of my friends and followers will “follow” me to this format. Over here I’ll have total control over what is shown and what is censured, how much I spend on sharing posts and whether or not buying “ads” is a requirement.

Going forward: Your comments are WELCOME on these posts. You can interact with me and with each other in the comment section. And as always, you are dearly loved ❤ ❤ ❤

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