summer fun

It is summer in the San Joaquin Valley, without a doubt. We've had high temps between 105° and 110° for the past two weeks! Okay, I know that's nothing compared to Palm Springs and Phoenix, where they recorded 120° — but for me it's been HOT! And...and, we've been running the 'swamp cooler' in the studio. … Continue reading summer fun


Second Chances Some days it's just one thing on top of another. I upgraded to a new "smart" phone, but the people who shipped it aren't all that "smart" because they neglected to insert a SIM card. They apologized and promised to send a card. It won't be here until Tuesday. We've been without water … Continue reading inspiration

calendar by e

Twenty-seventeen is nearly upon us. That means a blank book; an empty calendar. Being a detail oriented organizer, this means I must have a new calendar before the New Year arrives. This afternoon it is complete so— I'm sharing it with you and wishing you abundant Grace and Peace this month and in the coming … Continue reading calendar by e

studio time

I've been celebrating my studio since right after lunch. Today has been so much cooler and that means the studio is very comfortable. Finished a few pages of a new  project. some sketches of favorite Bible verses with cross-references and notes included. This project is teaching me so much. I'm loving it. Hope your evening is … Continue reading studio time

problem solved

Well...It's taken all day, but the ridiculous communication problem between Windows 10 and my Canon Printer / Scanner is fixed! It works. Finally!  It works, and I'm back in business! Back to the studio...I'll see y'all again in a little while. 

painting a diary

"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary" _Pablo Picasso   In August of 2013 my life took a left turn down a new path. From Autumn of 2012, though the Holidays, and into the early summer of 2013, I invested myself completely in a "job" which I believed was given to me by The Lord. … Continue reading painting a diary


This has been an Art day here... been making bookmarks.  I know, I know—iPhone and iPad not books. Books are [ugh] old fashioned. Never mind...I'll share my project with you anyway. First print out the five scans of my original watercolor paintings. Next, choose five beautiful craft papers to stiffen them. Carefully cut out the … Continue reading bookmarks

meet Lou

Frieda Louise 22" OOAK Cloth Doll This fire-cracker is Frieda Louise. Her friends call her "Lou". You, of course can call her anything you like. Standing about 22 inches tall, she has wired hands and arms allowing you to pose her as you please. Her body is soft faux kidskin, firmly stuffed with 100% new … Continue reading meet Lou

meet Ami –

Ami 22" OOAK Cloth Doll Ami is a good little girl, but her fashion idols are Kat Von D and Abby Sciuto from wardrobe makes a chic—goth—retro—punk statement. That makes her fashion sense every mother's nightmare. Tats on neck and lower back and a belly-button ring add to her panache. Ami stands 22 inches tall. Her … Continue reading meet Ami –

timeless notions

Awhile back I shared that we were scanning all of our 35mm slides—bringing them up to digital date. Many of our photos go back to the early years of our marriage, starting in the late seventies. What I may not have mentioned are the hundreds of slides my Dad took during the mid-forties when he was … Continue reading timeless notions