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garden of LOVE

Grace and peace on your Wednesday Dear Hearts ⁠❤⁠ Today my heart is in our garden. It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything going on around the cottage with you, Lately (since March 2020 actually) ninety-five percent of my writing, sharing, Facebook posting, etc. has been aimed toward drawing my guests to Christ. That…

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no plans

Grace and peace on your Tuesday Dear Hearts.❤️ This morning the Lord laid Matthew 6:34 on my heart again… “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own Matthew 6:34 Amplified Bible Last week, as we visited with our out of state guests, I…

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celebrating 25 years

This August marks twenty-five years since we moved to the Cottage. I’m planning a BIG celebration. I just haven’t determined what the theme of that celebration will be yet. Over the weekend — between watching the Summer Olympics, hiding out from the 100+ degree temps California has served up this summer, and working on my…

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forget me nots

Forget-me-nots represent true love and giving someone this flower means you truly love and respect this person. It is a testament to your relationships and promises the other person that you will never forget them in your thoughts. Forget me nots are a symbol of fidelity and being truthful to someone you love. Based on Christian lore,…

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better today

This morning, during my quiet time I looked at the blank spaces in my daily calendar and realized it has been over a month since I’ve done much of anything except pray, sleep and nurse whatever was going on in my body. What a huge waste of days! But, I’m better today. And, in the…

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this is enough

Just to let you know…I’m back! What’s that? You didn’t know I was away? Well…on the 15th of June we were attacked by a virus! I don’t know if it was “the virus” or not. We went to Dr. Jesus, presented Psalm 91 as our position on the matter, and waited. We both had all…

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may flowers

April showers were few and far between in California’s Central Valley this Spring. Never mind. May flowers are showing up gloriously in our garden. Sometimes the garden is all work and no play. Mr. Lebsock handles the work with grace and joy. Often he brings me the gorgeous rewards of his hard work. What a…

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April ’21

This has been a “messy month” around here! Ups and downs, highs and lows. Lessons and then some. Oh well…April showers promise May flowers. Onward and upward. In the first week we celebrated Christ’s Triumphal Entry on Friday the 2nd and Resurrection Sunday on the 4th. Our celebrations, for the second year in a row,…

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orchids ’21

There has been a greenhouse in Mr. L’s garden every place we’ve ever lived. And, in that greenhouse there are always orchids of one variety or another. Right now he has several rather spectacular specimens I’d like to feature here:

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4 real french dip

Around here we’re really fond of the traditional “French Dip” sandwich. Most good diners have one on the menu. The French Dip is easy to find when diners are open, quarantine is not in force and social distancing isn’t a thing. So…we haven’t had a good French Dip sandwich for more than a year. This…

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