kids corner

stories 'n stuff Come in dear hearts! Come in! My name is Martha Byrd, and I am a sparrow. I live inside a storybook, and I just love having company. It was awfully nice of you to drop by. While you're here maybe we can share a glass of milk and a cookie in the kitchen, … Continue reading kids corner

paper gnomes

We're having a heat wave! Record temps - WITH humidity!  Feels like 112° F.  It's way too hot for outdoor activities that aren't covered with water! "What can we do today?" Make some cute paper gnomes. Click on over to 3EyedBear and download the PDF file.  Print 'em out.  Grab your scissors and some paste and … Continue reading paper gnomes

paper cats

Another HOT afternoon. Kids need to stay entertained so the, "Nana...there's nothin' to do!" blues don't get 'em down. Everybody got such a wallop out of this recent facebook post we went looking for some paper cats to entertain 'em today. We found these tiny, fat, round ones to keep you company and your hammy safe at the  Toxic Paper … Continue reading paper cats

paper craft a-z

It's HOT! This afternoon our temps are a few degrees above the summer average of 99° F.  Way too hot for the kids to be playing outdoors in the sun; or at least that's Nana's opinion.  So... when we hear... "Nana, there's nothing to do!" Here's a simple and fun project that'll keep 'em busy … Continue reading paper craft a-z

play clay

Make Some Play Clay and Create Critters   Here's what you'll need: A grown up person to HELP you. 1/2 cup table salt (not kosher or sea salt) 1/2 cup hot water 1/2 cup cold water 1/2 cup cornstarch a few drops of food coloring in 3 or 4 colors Mix the salt and hot water in … Continue reading play clay

easy bubbles

Blow Some Bubbles - Make Your Own   Here's what you'll need: 1/2 liquid dishwashing detergent 1 cup water 2 drops food coloring Mix all the stuff together in a jar with a tight cover. Make a bubble wand using some wire, or use a purchased bubble pipe or wand. Store your bubbles at room temperature … Continue reading easy bubbles

water colors

Make Some Water Colors and Paint a Picture We've been fogged in for days! While the eastern and middle parts of the country are being bombarded with winter, our Central California Valley is socked in with Tule fogs.  Dense Tule fogs! Dangerous, cold, gray, Tule fogs.  Talk about cabin fever! But… We never have time … Continue reading water colors