hamburger buns

Tonight it's burgers for supper.  And, that means homemade hamburger buns. Wonderful, and so easy 1 cup warm water 1 egg 2 Tablespoons butter 3 1/4 cups all purpose flour 1/4 cup sugar 2 teaspoons salt 3 teaspoons active dry yeast Dissolve the yeast & 1 Tablespoon of the sugar in 1/3 of the warm water. … Continue reading hamburger buns

cabbage burgers today

Kraut Runza We've been making these forever. In Colorado's German-Russian communities they're known as Cabbage Pockets, Beroks, Cabbage Buns or Krautburgers. In California they appear on bakery menus as Bierocks. My husband's family, who immigrated to eastern Colorado from near Frank, Russia at the turn of the last century calls them Kraut Runza. It helps if you hold … Continue reading cabbage burgers today

easy bread

easy as stir, rise, bake! Recently we've been seeing ads on TV for a new bread mix 'now on your grocer's shelves'. The ads looked very intriguing. So...we bought one! And we got a very nice box - with a packet of active dry yeast,  a packet containing 1 tablespoon of sugar and, last but … Continue reading easy bread

Nana’s biscotti

This morning my mouth  wanted Biscotti for breakfast!  Guess what?  No Biscotti in the freezer.  That means I'm gonna have to bake!  I haven't baked Biscotti for months, even though Laurie asked me to post the recipe months ago!  Okay - let's just kill two with one here: I get my craving satisfied and Laurie gets her how to: … Continue reading Nana’s biscotti

chocolate cake

This morning I opened a new jar of mayonnaise and it reminded me of two things we really enjoy eating. So...since this weekend is Mother's Day - and since I'm a mother, without a celebration, unless I make my own - I decided to indulge my sweet tooth and make an old fashioned Chocolate Cake. … Continue reading chocolate cake