inspiration shelf

Today has been spent out in the studio, gathering together all of my 'little critters' from various boxes and tins where they've been hiding since Miss KiKi Kitty moved in with us a couple of years ago. Maybe it was because they were 'little' and had eyes...but she thought they were to be hunted down and killed … Continue reading inspiration shelf

little helpers

  Sometimes, when everybody is all comfy and laid back, a small problem arises.  In this case Kai Li loved the toy she was holding, but Dad took it away. This can be very worrisome, especially if somebody has chewed (er...loved) a small tear in it. Dad, it's my favorite. I've got nothing else to play with … Continue reading little helpers

reality series

Throughout the winter we've been house bound by the early darkness (who enjoys days being dark at 4:30 pm? Not me!) and the cold. Once upon a time we spent long winter evenings doing stuff out in the studio/sun porch, but lately, the Electric Company people stand gleefully over our meter, rubbing their hands together … Continue reading reality series

we give thanks

In my imagination our Thanksgiving dinner looks exactly like this Norman Rockwell painting. All of our children, and our children's children gather together around the table, sharing love, mutual respect, and turkey—in my imagination. In reality—D, Kai Li, KiKi, and I will gather around our dinner table to give thanks for all of our blessings, and for … Continue reading we give thanks

toy hosi’pul

KiKi's toy had to go to the hosi'pul ! When KiKi came to live with us, back in January—after almost two years of living on the streets—the veterinary hospital where we took her to be...ahem...fixed?...checked her in as feral cat - Little Calico. As a result we decided to name her Callie. By mid-February it had become … Continue reading toy hosi’pul

new toy

Kai Li's toy pile has grown with her, piece by piece, ever since she was a two pound ball of fluff. First came one of daddy's socks, rolled into a ball.  Just the right size for tiny Kai. Next, anything and everything Dad was playing with at the moment. Over the years there have been Christmas toys … Continue reading new toy

doing better

Yes. I'm doing much better today. Thanks for asking. 🙂 I'm just not doing it very fast. This morning we went to the grocery store with a very simple list of what we needed: EVERYTHING! It turned out to be an exhausting trip for me. That's what spending two months with your behind stuck to a … Continue reading doing better

makin’ pizza

Dad & the Wookie makin' pizza Tonight was pizza night in our kitchen.  It goes like this: First I put the pizza stone in the oven and start heating it to 425° F.  Next I mix the dough: Pizza Dough proof 1 pkg active dry yeast in 2/3 cup warm water, with 2 teaspoons raw … Continue reading makin’ pizza

may orchids

  The sun is pouring into the porch, lighting the old red Cattleyas and brightening my day. This is one of three huge plants, all children and grandchildren of the original orchid that survived our move to California in 1981.  It is SO hardy it’s difficult to believe! This winter it lived in the porch…last … Continue reading may orchids