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garden of LOVE

Grace and peace on your Wednesday Dear Hearts ⁠❤⁠ Today my heart is in our garden. It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything going on around the cottage with you, Lately (since March 2020 actually) ninety-five percent of my writing, sharing, Facebook posting, etc. has been aimed toward drawing my guests to Christ. That…

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orchids ’21

There has been a greenhouse in Mr. L’s garden every place we’ve ever lived. And, in that greenhouse there are always orchids of one variety or another. Right now he has several rather spectacular specimens I’d like to feature here:

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quite a week

We’ve had an “interesting” couple of days here at the Cottage. This morning Mr. L sent an email to the members of our Home Group (family) that speaks for itself: Good day, NEW FIRE family. In our time in the Word today, I had this thought in my mind. Do you remember back quite a…

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roses aren’t always red

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Normally this little ditty ends with something about Love…but roses aren’t always red, and poems don’t always rhyme. Thing is, in spring and summer our garden is usually gloriously alive with roses. That’s the wonderful thing about having a gardener with a green thumb, who loves you beyond reason…always having…

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glorious garden colors

As October rushes head-long toward November, our garden glows with color. Piles of mums border the fence against a backdrop of evergreen, the last of the summer roses and a few herbs and peppers. With the morning sun turning each pile to pure gold, the whole thing is a glorious sight to behold. As Mr.…

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the Prize Pineapple

Thought you might like to see this little jewel, which Mr. L grew from the top of a grocery store pineapple. It lived in the greenhouse for a while, then moved to the south side of the house this summer. First it produced a fruit, and now there is a baby plant coming up beside the original.…

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speaking in tongues

I have been asked about “speaking in tongues,” I will answer to the best of my ability.  If you want to open a discussion in the comments, I will be available. Tender Dove Holy Spirit from above,Tender, undefiled Dove,In my spirit have Thy way, Blessed Companion from on high,In thy comfort ever nigh;Bind my heart to Christ in…

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meet Lou

Frieda Louise 22″ OOAK Cloth Doll This fire-cracker is Frieda Louise. Her friends call her “Lou”. You, of course can call her anything you like. Standing about 22 inches tall, she has wired hands and arms allowing you to pose her as you please. Her body is soft faux kidskin, firmly stuffed with 100% new…

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awakening the garden

The first week of February in a California garden means signs of spring everywhere. So.o.o this week, between rain and a couple of nights of 31° temps, Dick carried ten bales of garden soil (3 cu. yards each), spaded them into the new beds and started the process of waking the new garden for spring.…

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a new garden path

This week has been a roller-coaster of rain and dry, cool and warm. Today was sunny and just above 60°. I’ve always said our valley Holiday Season is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Super Bowl and SPRING! They all run together and they come fast. When the temperatures start to reach into the 60’s you know…

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