meat balls

  "The key to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources". _Albert Einstein About 15 minutes before dinner Saturday night D said, "I know what I want to eat tonight." "Okay. What?" "Spaghetti and meat balls." Now you might think "not gonna happen." But the truth is this favorite is very doable in 30 minutes. … Continue reading meat balls

taco bowls

Saturday Night Fast Food I found this cool idea in cyberspace awhile back and thought it would be great for holding our quick and easy taco salad. Last night was one of those "what do you want to eat? I've run out of ideas" nights.  Then I remembered these. Here's what I came up with: … Continue reading taco bowls

tri-tip Nana style

Before we moved to Central California I'd never heard of a Tri-Tip. Apparently I'm not alone. My friends from the East Coast look at me dumb-founded when I tell them we'll be having Tri-Tip for dinner.  If you're one of those poor souls who have never had the pleasure...HERE is what Wikipedia has to say … Continue reading tri-tip Nana style

Nana’s biscotti

This morning my mouth  wanted Biscotti for breakfast!  Guess what?  No Biscotti in the freezer.  That means I'm gonna have to bake!  I haven't baked Biscotti for months, even though Laurie asked me to post the recipe months ago!  Okay - let's just kill two with one here: I get my craving satisfied and Laurie gets her how to: … Continue reading Nana’s biscotti

‘tato salad & legs

It's official... Summer's here! Saturday I made Potato Salad. Sunday dinner was Fried Chicken and 'tato Salad. That may sound like overkill, when talking about cooking for two, but it doesn't have to be.  We both enjoy these two summer-time classics.  We can't possibly finish off a full-blown picnic recipe of Potato Salad within what I … Continue reading ‘tato salad & legs

makin’ pizza

Dad & the Wookie makin' pizza Tonight was pizza night in our kitchen.  It goes like this: First I put the pizza stone in the oven and start heating it to 425° F.  Next I mix the dough: Pizza Dough proof 1 pkg active dry yeast in 2/3 cup warm water, with 2 teaspoons raw … Continue reading makin’ pizza

chocolate cake

This morning I opened a new jar of mayonnaise and it reminded me of two things we really enjoy eating. So...since this weekend is Mother's Day - and since I'm a mother, without a celebration, unless I make my own - I decided to indulge my sweet tooth and make an old fashioned Chocolate Cake. … Continue reading chocolate cake


Dinner tonight is going to be amazing!  D  is making sushi. And California rolls.  And Miso soup. I love it when he makes sushi.  It only happens when we are fortunate enough to find some fresh, top quality ahi tuna in the market. It only happens when he feels up to spending hours in the … Continue reading sushi