studio time

I've been celebrating my studio since right after lunch. Today has been so much cooler and that means the studio is very comfortable. Finished a few pages of a new  project. some sketches of favorite Bible verses with cross-references and notes included. This project is teaching me so much. I'm loving it. Hope your evening is … Continue reading studio time

write for yourself

…“it is better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.” _Cyril Connolly Yesterday at lunch time we opened our home to entertain strangers. Again! As so often happens, both of our guests are educators and so have lots in common with D and so have lots to talk … Continue reading write for yourself

borrowed wisdom

The past month has been filled with writing. Just not here. I didn't write either of the following articles—but I can certainly identify with both of them. Hopefully you will gain something from one or the other too. Man is impressed with the externals; he doesn’t see the heart. God is different. He doesn’t judge … Continue reading borrowed wisdom