Month: August 2012

a special week

The Contentment Cottage Blog will be closed until after Labor Day. We’re taking this SPECIAL week off to celebrate our 35th Wedding Anniversary! It’s difficult to believe that more than three decades have passed since God joined our separate lives into one. What children we were! How naive and unprepared for all He had in…

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one thing

 One thing is clear to me.You can’t know everything you’d  like to know.You can’t do everything you’d like to do.You can’t read everything you’d like to read.You must hold  onto some things and let go of others.Learning to make that choice is one of the big lessons of this life. As they continued their travel,…

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true friends

A true Friend is the best possession. _Benjamin Franklin A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:7 A true friend tells you the truth, even when the truth hurts. _Nana Ellen

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As you enter the house, give it your greeting. If the house is worthy, give it your blessing of peace. But if it is not worthy, take back your blessing of peace. Whoever does not receive you, nor heed your words, as you go out of that house or that city, shake the dust off…

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need to know

Working on Noah Notes right now. This series of watercolor sketches isn’t new, exactly.  I’ve played around with them for several years, but each new generation brings a slightly different perspective to the drawing board.  This time around I’ve been playing with appropriate scripture attachments. The idea…hummmm…? There are giraffes and zebras, hippos and … What could you use…

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weird humor

By now you already know that I have an intense sense of spirituality.  But did you know I also have a WEIRD SENSE of HUMOR? I love this … and this…  and especially this… I think this is hilarious… and this is more truth than comedy… After all…laughter IS the best medicine and cynicism is…

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blessing or curse

The Spirit of the Lord God is planted in our hearts and grows upward and outward as we trust and believe Him. He builds us into a dwelling place for His Spirit from the inside out. He told Moses…”Look at what I’ve done for you today: I’ve placed in front of you Life and Good,  Death…

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august orchids

My favorite orchid – that I lovingly call “tiny dancers” – came in from the greenhouse this morning. The Oncidium family is very large and includes many flower varieties. The most common flower variety is often referred to as the “dancing lady”. These Oncidium types have thin leaves, pseudobulbs, and branching sprays with flowers colored…

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paper gnomes

We’re having a heat wave! Record temps – WITH humidity!  Feels like 112° F.  It’s way too hot for outdoor activities that aren’t covered with water! “What can we do today?” Make some cute paper gnomes. Click on over to 3EyedBear and download the PDF file.  Print ’em out.  Grab your scissors and some paste and…

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the last word

“Before we started looking for a new pastor,  I went to a friend who pastors a church in a nearby town and I asked him what we needed to do to find the right man.  He told me the first thing we should do is get our problems straightened out – before we begin to…

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