the art

At Contentment Cottage


We live down the lane, in a little old cottage the color of rain.

We share stories, cookies, posies ‘n stuff – lots to look at and lots to do.
Come on in and look around. Maybe you’ll learn something new.

Seasoned with Love

out kitchen


there’s more going on in our kitchen than cooking –
over the years we’ve collected some tips and tricks that will really surprise you.

Growing in Grace

our garden


our garden is our many faceted hobby –
herbs, crafts, photography – it’s all here

Satisfied with Favor



for years I’ve tried to live by one rule –
what I do today is important,
I’m exchanging one day of my life for it.

Abundantly Blessed



Making something extraordinary out of each and every day
becomes more important with each and every passing day!

Contentment is a Choice

read the stories


Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer
is too small to be made into a burden. _Corrie Ten Boom

Please enjoy your stay in our cottage.
And if you do. please let us know.
We love your comments.

see ya soon