food is love

comfort food & more

“Cooking is not eating. It’s much, much more. Cooking is poetry.” _Heinz Beck

Some favorite recipes from posts & cookbooks
mayonnaise cake

cakes & cookies

brownie mix
creme de menth brownies
mayonnaise cake
spice cake
oatmeal cake



basic white bread
grandma’s rye bread
muffins & scones
banana bread
sweet applets
bran muffins

perfect apple pie

pies & sweets

apple pie
perfect pie crust
pecan pie
caramel pie
casserole candy
bourbon balls

coffee, etc.

nana’s biscotti
lemon creme scones
boiled coffee
cafe au lait
sparkling lemonade

If you’re looking for something special that’s not included here yet, drop me a note. My collection of vintage cookbooks ranges from the late 1800’s. Maybe we can find what you need.