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A whole page of kid-safe links


The Internet is a place to Learn
about everything in the world from A to Zoo

There’s Lots to Look at and Lots to Do  HOOUUU !!

Been here before? Well there’s stuff that’s brand new…

Play games on your ‘puter…with a mouse click or two!

Koalas & Hop Toads


Ho! There’s A dragon! ! !

So Click DRAGONHim and Go


 Make A Snowflake!

Try playing with Lego

Click, turn, click, then show! Checkers Game

 this just might fill the bill.

Just love to GIGGLE? read some of these poems.
Write one of your own.

Make a rhyme or a jiggle! Want a Home Page all your OWN

Lissa Explains it ALL!

Children’s Books Online – the Rosetta Project

fold some amazing paperThe Origami Club

Take a trip, to The Middle Ages

visit a SAFE PLACE to play

stop in at Room 108, and stay for awhile,

What can we do when it’s raining outside?

We can learn about great  MUSIC

Are you an artist? Show off your very own drawings online at

Learn All About ButterflyButterflies

Learn all about Birds

Learn all about
Outer Space

Go to Yellowstone or Yosemite .

Visit the Ancient People of the Desert Southwest

go where ART Kids Rule!

explore the Rain Forest

See the Museum of Science in Boston 

The National Air and Space Museum

Learn about Leonardo

OR Surf with a Pro!

Parents, as mentioned above, the Internet is a place to learn about everything from A to Zoo. In grown up terms, the place is a zoo, and just as you would not consider allowing your child to visit the zoo alone, neither is it safe for you send to them to the Internet without a grownup along for guidance and direction. Don't assume kids already know it..Teach them the rules of safe surfing and to how use a Kid-Safe Search Engine. Becertain you are aware of their activities online, on social media or on a cell phone.
Google Safe Search for Kids
Nana Ellen's Kid Safe Pages are registered with the Internet Content Rating Association who, in association with Childnet, has established this list of Safety Tips
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