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purpose ?

The Lord will fulfil his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures for ever. Do not forsake the work of your hands. _Psalm 138:7-8

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unfulfilled dreams?

Unfinished projects? Unkept promises? Unfulfilled dreams? We all know the disappointment that comes with starting down the path toward our goals with excitement yet never seeming to reach the end. Our intentions are good at the start, but with time we lose focus. We begin to feel like we’ve failed, and feelings of discouragement and…

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me? important?

We could spend hours talking of His infinite love for mankind and for each one of us individually. (John 3:16) But, how important are you to God’s desires and purposes for the earth?

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the good fight

If you've been around Christian circles for awhile you've probably heard the "spiritual warfare" conversation. Maybe you've even thrown your theories into the fray. I know I certainly have. And right now, with the world in the mess we're experiencing around us, the conversation has only grown more heated.

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Jesus has finished the work of saving and redeeming us once and for all (John 19:30), and when we believe in Jesus as our Savior, God places us in Jesus’ finished work. Today, all we need to do is rest in His finished work

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open my eyes

Begin every Bible Study with this prayer“Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in Your instructions. Make me understand the way of Your teachings, and I will meditate on Your wondrous works. Give me understanding, so that I may keep Your Word and observe it with all my heart, and I will walk in…

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forgive, forget, focus

Grace and peace today Dear Hearts ❤ This morning I was reminded of three basic tenents of our faith. So…someone may ask, “what is the meaning of Tenent?” tenet • \TEN-ut\ • noun. : a principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true; especially : one held in common by members of an organization,…

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an artful season

Grace and peace on you today Dear Hearts Finally, after five and a half months of ? ? ? — I’m back in my studio this week. I’ve painted a couple of studies and ordered several new art supplies (I’ve come to the conclusion that buying art supplies and actually using them are two separate…

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