Month: July 2013

be seated

My chair arrived today! Hooray! Hooray! So…Kai Li and I spent some time discussing how it is. Now she knows that if she digs in the seat there will be BIG trouble. Uh Huh…don’t think she really cares, since her basic philosophy is “it’s my house!” Oh well. I love the chair. ย It so lives…

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not right now

Daddy didn’t say no. What he said was, “Not right now.” There’s a difference. No means no. For years D asked a classroom filled with middle school students, “What part of no don’t you understand?” Not right now means…Maybe later.  Maybe tomorrow. When you’ve finished your lessons. “Not right now.” And now may the Lord…

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happy July !

How on earth did it get to be July? Well… never mind. It is indeed July. 2013 is more than half past and there is nothing to be done about it but go forward. The first of the month means I’ve changed the desktop calendar on my ‘puter. This one is a collection of French…

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