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Every garden-maker should be an artist along his own lines…. The tiniest garden is often the loveliest.”

Vita Sackville-West

My hummingbird feeder died this afternoon.  I filled it and it leaked out all the nectar before I could even get it away from the kitchen sink. That’s bad!

It makes for a crowd of the little feathered folks buzzing around an empty hanger shouting, “Hey Lady!!! Where’s our dinner?”

So…we went shopping to quickly resolve the situation.  Can you believe there is not a single feeder in any of the three major home improvement stores we visited that I would consider worth bringing home?

If the bottle is glass, the container is metal of some sort.  Metal rusts and is probably going to react with the water and sugar mixture I like in my feeders.  Plus, and this is a big plus, none of them are less than $20.

If the bottle is plastic and the price is more reasonable, I can tell you from experience, the sun and varied temperatures are going to ruin them in under six months.

That means only one thing…my little feathered friends are going to have to hang out down the street at the neighbors feeders until the Hummy Bird Bars I just ordered from Mamma Hummer arrive in a few days.  The feeders are amazing!  Over the years I’ve used them almost exclusively.  They last forever!

Then… a couple of years ago, I put the kibosh on internet ordering and credit card purchasing. It was just something we had to do.  But, the stupid plastic feeders I bought at the chain stores cost more, didn’t last and are a pain in the posterior to fill.

I recall an old adage my Auntie favored…”penny wise and pound foolish.”  Tonight I ordered two Hummy Bird Bars, put ‘em on my Visa and resolved to stop being hummy feeder foolish.  I’ll put some photos up, with hummers saying, “Hey Lady! Thanks for dinner!” within the next week or so.

see ya soon

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  1. This is a nice sturdy stick in the gruond hanger for bird feeders or potted plants. My husband was amazed that an 8 food long one piece pole can be delieveed by UPS. It does hang down lower for heavier feeders. I believe a squirrel could jump from the gruond easily when the pole bends down on a 5 pound plus feeder. There are sturdier products on the market but they cost more. This one does the job, it is attractive and easy to use. The leg that sticks out with the second about a foot long so I think there are definite weight limits to what this feeder pole can support.


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