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rain, rain go away!

April Showers?

rainIt’s raining! It’s pouring.

D took this shot through the back door glass early this morning.

The past few days have been crazy here in the Valley.  Stone fruit crops got hailed out earlier in the week, to the tune of millions in damage.  Thank goodness we didn’t get hail!

Granted, we entered April about four inches short of our annual rainfall average, so we needed the moisture. But all at once?  Really?

This huge puddle in the lane is probably four or five inches deep…and it’s still raining as I write at 4:03 PM.

Oh well…rain just means the best laid garden plans go array and must be put aside for another day. Today I can play at Nana Ellen’s or bake something, or whatever.  Gotta love a rainy day. The meadow across the lane is certainly enjoying it.

Hope your day is lovely, whatever the weather,
see ya soon

1 thought on “rain, rain go away!”

  1. Weather here in NW Indiana is just about as erratic as McSame or the stock mekrat. It was in the 50s and 60s early in October, lows in 40s and even into the high 30s a couple of overnights, struggled back into the low 70s last week, and hit sunny 83 on Sunday. Today it’s back in the 50s, supposed to have rain later in the day. Cannot complain, we’ll have a gorgeous summer!


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