Yesterday was a Red Leather Day!

The first thing on this week’s agenda was a thorough spring cleaning. We took the living room apart, changed the drapes from dark stripes to light putty linen, washed the windows, moved the piano back to the front porch (see the april orchids post), cleaned the carpet and sat back to take stock of what we accomplished.  

Looking at our old (very old) sofa gave both of us a moment of “ugh” – but a new sofa just wasn’t in the picture right now.  We talked about slip covers, and both had another “ugh” moment.  Earlier, while I was hanging the summer drapes and cleaning windows I was thinking, “Lord, I’ve never actually asked you for furniture, but this old sofa is worn out.  I’m ashamed to have guests sit on it, it’s so bad.”

After lunch  D said, “Maybe we should just go look at that new furniture place we saw the other day.  Just look…”

And there it was!  The perfect size. The perfect color. The perfect price! $400. That’s what we paid for our old frame less foam Pier 1 piece 10 years ago!

Thank you Lord!  When your Word says, “far more abundantly than you can ask or think” you meant it. What a blessing!  No credit card needed.  No more embarrassed excuses when someone comes to visit.  Just, “Come in.  Sit down and make yourself comfortable.  At last.  How lovely!

see ya soon