Day: May 20, 2012

‘tato salad & legs

It’s official… Summer’s here! Saturday I made Potato Salad. Sunday dinner was Fried Chicken and ‘tato Salad. That may sound like overkill, when talking about cooking for two, but it doesn’t have to be.  We both enjoy these two summer-time classics.  We can’t possibly finish off a full-blown picnic recipe of Potato Salad within what I…

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tee house

“Do you like this house? ” D asked me. “Ooo, yes!!!  I love it. But won’t that be really dificult to put on a tee-shirt?” Nope! And here’s proof. He dyed the shirt a soft tea (pun intended) tan, then drew the adorable house in brown! I love ! From now on it’s my Sunday…

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