Day: June 6, 2012


Among my family and friends there are those who think I can be something of a busybody, always full of advice… I relish being able to share what I know— even if friends roll their eyes when they see another “expert” opinion coming.” Nancy Lindmeyer One of my quiet time scriptures today came from Titus, chapter 2.1-8: Your…

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tri-tip Nana style

Before we moved to Central California I’d never heard of a Tri-Tip. Apparently I’m not alone. My friends from the East Coast look at me dumb-founded when I tell them we’ll be having Tri-Tip for dinner.  If you’re one of those poor souls who have never had the pleasure…HERE is what Wikipedia has to say…

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it’s all about basil

In summer our cooking slows way down.  We grill meats and back our starch intake down to cold pasta or potato salads.  The garden gives us herbs and tomatoes, and lots of ’em, so it’s not unusual for dinner to consist of a protein, fresh sliced tomatoes and a salad incorporating herbs of one variety or another.…

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