yourSignThis afternoon brought one of those “AH HA!” moments.

During the past couple of weeks I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading, make that re-reading, books that take me to my “happy place.”

My library contains several of these volumes by Gene Stratton-Porter, an American author who was vastly popular in the early 1900’s. They were inherited from my mother. She received the books as gifts when she was a girl. They are filled with homilies pointing to a quieter more gentle time; a time when responsibility and steadfastness were paramount to our American way of life. In them I find my “happy place” because there is a complete absence of vulgarity, profanity, overt sexuality and crudity.  The stories have morals and the characters have morals, shining forth with decency and honor.


It’s not unusual for me to re-read The Girl of the Limberlost, The Harvester and Her Father’s Daughter once a year or so. I gain something from their old-fashioned common sense that is sadly absent in most modern media.

The AH HA moment? The sign, if you will?

This is it!

” It doesn’t seem__”

“That’s the bed rock of all the trouble on earth. We are a nation and a part of the world that spends our time on ‘seeming.’  Our whole outer crust is ‘seeming.’ When we get beneath the surface and strike the being, then we live as we are privileged by the Almighty. I don’t think I give a tinker how anything seems. What concerns me, is how it is. ” _The Harvester, Doubleday, Page & Company 1911

And one more thing:

“Just enjoy to the depths of your soul – that’s worship. Be thankful for everything – that’s praising God as the birds praise him. And do unto others – that’s all there is of love and religion combined in one fell swoop.” _The Harvester, Doubleday, Page & Company 1911


Hope this makes as much sense to you as it dose to me.





9 thoughts on “this is it

  1. The idea of being thankful for everything pleases me very much. I’m often forgetful when it comes to appreciating what I do have, while complaining about what I don’t have. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. It is interesting to read something so old-fashioned and different online. I hope you will continue sharing your ideas and thoughts. You inspire me.


  3. This is it – for sure! Hope you realize how important morals are right now. Hooray for your courage in saying this right up front. Seems like a good thing to me 🙂


  4. Thanks so much for writing all of the great stuff! 😉 Looking forward to checking out new posts!


  5. Hey There. I found your weblog using msn. I really can identify with your article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your “stuff” 🙂 Thanks for the reminder that common sense is really IT….Rosie


  6. Oh…I love Gene Stratton-Porter too! Her writing takes me to a time and place where I think I should have been born.


  7. Reading and writing and painting! Oh my. Wish my schedule allowed for some of that. Working every day really cuts into my entertainment time. I’ll just sneak a few minutes now and then to see what you’ve been up to. Really enjoy your “stuff” 😀


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