Books are the quietest and most constant of friends;
they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors,
and the most patient of teachers.”
_Charles William Eliot

My library contains art books, gardening books, several herbals, and a variety of cookbooks. There’s also a collection containing a couple dozen novels that I love to read over and over again. The characters in them are  like old friends, their dialog familiar, their plots well known, with no question of who done it. These works of fiction are juxtaposed with an equal number of Bibles in various translations—all equally well worn—some to the point of being dog-eared.

Reading, and learning, gives me great joy. Reading, and learning, inspires me to write.

Writing…? Well…writing is what I do.



As of this present moment I’ve got a new story percolating through my spirit and occupying my keyboard. Yesterday chapter five came into existence. This one is coming along fast. So far it feels like a real page-turner. Sharing it with you here, rather than pursuing a paper-publisher,  is something I’m strongly considering.

There are a couple of older stories (novels? maybe too grand a term) I’ve been thinking about  sharing here, too. But, just so you know, my stories (novels) are a huge departure from my other  books.  That takes care of the disclaimer.

Then there’s  the “cookbook” we have in the works – a compilation of recipes from my collection of antiques, our favorite stuff and some stuff from our childhood. A good number of those are already online here (cookbook)

 Books are Good!

see ya soon