Crust for D’s better’n Joe’s Apple Pie


We don’t indulge in dinner out too often. When we do, Tahoe Joe’s Steak House is a choice we enjoy, especially in winter when they offer an exceptional apple pie a la mode with hot bourbon sauce. Yummy!

Lately D’s been perfecting THE Best Apple Pie.  It’s way better’n Joe’s!


Over the next couple of days I’ll show you how he does it.

First he has me make the crust. (wink * wink)

No wait. Don’t let anyone tell you pie crust is difficult. It’s not! I don’t care what Martha has told you.

I make mine in the food processor, but your grandmother and mine used a pastry cutter. Or a fork.

So… for a single crust pie you’ll need:

1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 tsp. salt
Pulsed (mixed) together
3 Tbls. cold butter and
4 Tbls. Crisco
Pulsed (cut together) until fine crumbs form. It’s easy to over mix with the processor. I touch the pulse key about 12 or 14 times. I want crumbs. Not paste.
3 Tbls. Ice Cold Water – one at a time.
Pulse after each addition, but only until the dough starts to come together (form a ball).
Again don’t over do it. I normally only pulse it 6 to 8 times.

apple.pie.crust2apple.pie.crust roll
On a floured board, form the dough into a flattened ball and roll it out to fit your pie pan.
To make a double crust pie – simply double the recipe.

If there’s anything tricky about pie crust it’s making certain you keep plenty of flour on the board, the rolling pin, and the dough itself. Without a dusting of flour, it’s going to stick. To everything. When it reaches the size you need, carefully roll it over the rolling pin and  lift it to the pan. It really is easy!

If you’ve never made a pie crust before it may take you a couple of times to get the hang of it, but don’t let it keep you from mastering this wonderful old-fashioned skill. You can throw away two or three failed attempts and still spend less money than you’d spend for store-bought. It will taste so much better, too.

Homemade pie crust is amazingly simple. It’s inexpensive. It can be used for sweet pies or savory pot pies. Good pie crust is a staple of good cooking. Enjoy!

And join me tomorrow for THE Best Apple Pie Filling with Rum sauce.

see ya soon