Rain today! Hooray!!!

The first real rain we’ve seen in months and months. Thank the Lord for every drop.

across the lane

I’ve been looking for motivation to start writing again, if not every day then at least several times each week.  As I said before, I’ve been so under the weather for the past couple of months that writing or drawing or, for that matter moving, has been simply too much to contemplate. This change in the weather; the cleaner air and a few sprigs of green grass showing across the lane in the meadow may just be the nudge I’ve been needing.


This evening there are some motivational quotes that have been rolling through my thoughts. I’ve shared them on the Contentment Cottage facebook page, but just in case you haven’t been there:

You can’t go back – can’t fix what broke.
But you can go forward. And every step matters.
Every step makes a difference.

The Lord guides us in the way we should go
and protects those who please him.
If they fall, they will not stay down,
because the Lord will help them up. Psalm 37:23-24  (Good News Bible)

You can change for two reasons.
Either you’e learned enough that you want to,
or you’ve been hurt enough that you have to.

Rain & Sun

My prayers of thanks for the rain and for feeling better seem to have been answered with a final sunbeam and a rumble of thunder. I LOVE rainy days.

The words you say mean nothing. The way you say them means everything.
Words are cheap. Saying I love you is easy. Real love is not always easy.
Loving means action and choices must be about the one who is loved…not about the self.

see ya soon