Last night brought something of an epiphany.

white azalea

I want a tiny house.  No! Wait. I live in a tiny house!

I’ve been following Tiny House blogs and face-book pages for a while now, longing for a ‘tiny house’ to call my very own—somewhere other than here (here being Central California).

Then BAM! It hits me.

We already live in a ‘tiny house’—have since we moved into the cottage in ’96—it’s just that I’ve never really looked at it with seeing eyes until now.

Our tiny house is a comfortable 700 square feet, one bedroom, one bath, eat-in kitchen, living room / office / library with a three season porch across the front that gives us studio space for all of our arts and crafts. By tiny house standards, it’s twice the space of most. It’s really everything we need. So why am I asking for something different?

 See what I mean—



Living Room 1

Living Room Sofa

library window

Sun Porch & Music

arts & crafts Studio

my desk on the porch

In addition, we are surrounded by a garden that we both enjoy, with rural views not normally available within City Limits.

Our tiny house is affordable, comfortable and ever so livable.  Do we wish it was located in a quiet, gentle hamlet somewhere other than California? Absolutely. Does it make sense to kick over the traces where God has so obviously blessed us and search out a place to *gasp* start over? Absolutely Not!

Told you I had an epiphany.

So…from here on you can expect to read more posts about our tiny house called Contentment Cottage in a very real and positive light.

see ya soon


4 thoughts on “tiny house tour

  1. I enjoyed both this article and the Better Bread article. Also, I noticed your red microwave in one picture and thought to myself my mom would have LOVED that! She had a red toaster, toaster oven and blender on her counter along with a few other red things. Loved your Auntie’s Cookbook too. I bet it was interesting to read all the scribbling on the pages of that old book and to contemplate how so very hard life was back then. We, today, have no clue. Interesting reads. 😉


  2. Love this! I think your Contentment Cottage sounds perfect! When my husband went back to school in 2007 we gave up a 2700 sq foot house for an apartment that was a little over 700 sq ft. We had to have storage for overflow stuff. We are now in a cottage that is somewhere between 1000-1200 sq ft and sometimes we feel crowded, but I am learning to be content and be thankful for God’s provision. It took me a while to get over my dream house, but then I realized that other things were more important than my house.


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