Did you watch the premier episode of “Tiny House Nation” on the FYI channel last night? One hundred seventy two square feet. A family of three. Twenty square feet of storage – period. Now that’s extreme!

In an earlier post I was showing you my idea of tiny house living. We covered the kitchen, dining area and office / greenhouse area.

Today I want to show you the rest of this little dream house.

Tiny House Main Living Area

The 1985 Armstrong Flooring Co. brochure says:

“Using the space of a standard two-car garage—528 square feet—the designers transformed this space into a remarkably complete and livable home.”

What the house lacks in square footage it makes up in convenience and an extraordinary sense of spaciousness. It’s packed with design, decorating and storage ideas—practical ideas you can use now in any remodeling or new-home project you may be planning. Skylights in the vaulted ceiling bathe the whole living area in sunshine. A fireplace radiates warmth ans a special glow throughout. A greenhouse corner doubles as a breakfast nook and home office. And there’s a compact kitchen that has everything.

The free-flowing interior adapts to an infinite variety of decorating tastes—from the soft neutral scheme used here to bright, vivid colors and bold accents or anything in between.

Natural light is so very important to my well-being, and as you can see above, there’s plenty of it in this home.

Tiny House Bed & Closet

The bedroom area is comprised of “an old idea whose time has come again.” The Murphy Bed folds into hiding behind bi-fold doors when not in use. The “supercloset” folds out into a “mini dressing area.” It is genius!

Tiny House Master Bath

And last, but by no means least, there is the “Master” bathroom. I want this bathroom in my home. It’s truly masterful.

Can you believe all of the functionality is packed into a 22 x 24 foot space? Plus there,s room for a  laundry—one of my must haves—and a loft offering more storage. Perfect!

Taking into consideration the advances in technology since 1985 I’m thinking this space could be maximized even more with the addition of a modern “on-demand” water heater, a small stacking washer and dryer, and whatever other high-tech gadgets you can afford.

D says by adding a single car garage and a wrap around porch it would be perfect for him, too.

Like I said before, it’s just a dream…but dreaming cost nothing! Let me know what you think. Could you live in this tiny house?

see ya soon

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  1. I had this same brochure and kept it for years. Recently my son asked me about container housing which inspired me to search for the brochure. I did not find it but was really glad to find it here. Thanks for sharing. I shared it with him and I sense that he is equally as excited about it today as I was decades ago.


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