We’ve lived in a small space (750 sq.ft.) since ’96. We’ve used a small washer dryer stack during most of that time. The “little laundry” lived between the end of the counter and the fridge. It has been a great comfort to me over the years as it keeps me from having to sit for hours at the laundromat with a magazine, (and a gun). 

washer-dryer stack B4

But, sadly, in early October the little dryer died. It had been ill for some time, limping along on a hope and, literally, a prayer. So.o.o we were forced to look into a solution for the problem.

   little laundry died   little laundry died 2

Unfortunately the company who manufactured our little laundry went out of business several years ago. No parts available! That meant either the laundromat (shudder) or a replacement. We weren’t able to find a stacking set that would fit in the space allotted.

laundry remodel     LG unit in place

Fortunately, LG makes a washer/dryer unit that fits perfectly. We’d seen it installed under the counter in some of the tiny homes we’ve been watching lately.  There are several benefits to this new arrangement. Probably the most wonderful are the shelves and two feet of additional counter top.

laundry fisnishedFinishing the counter top in the very tight space presented a bit of a challenge, but not one that outweighed the benefits. And then a few days ago I stumbled upon the perfect solution:

laundry finished perfectly

An 18″ x 24″ bread board on sale online (Joss & Main, the same place I found the perfect shelves last year). Hooray! Ordered. Installed. Perfect!

see ya soon

One thought on “little laundry

  1. Love the idea of both in one machine – I’ve often wondered about how they work and if they are reliable. You’ll have to let us know how you’re loving yours – it seems like a very efficient solution for a small space. Prior to our current home, we lived in a campus apartment that was a little over 700 square feet. It was arranged very nice and did not seem small at all. My kitchen was smaller than most people’s bathrooms or closets, but it was very efficient and seemed to have enough storage. Happy Thanksgiving!


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