Kiki & D puzzling

Throughout the winter we’ve been house bound by the early darkness (who enjoys days being dark at 4:30 pm? Not me!) and the cold. Once upon a time we spent long winter evenings doing stuff out in the studio/sun porch, but lately, the Electric Company people stand gleefully over our meter, rubbing their hands together in evil anticipation of next month’s billing. Simply can’t afford to keep the room warm enough to enjoy these winter days.

To pass the long evenings we’ve taken to working jigsaw puzzles, watching TV (too much TV, actually), and playing games on the ‘puter.

Kiki & e puzzling

It’s been a long winter… but we are just now beginning to have serious cabin fever. I can’t for the life of me imagine living where the winter drags on until April or May.  We are blessed to be Californians, where the progression goes from Thanksgiving to Christmas, then to the New Year and the Super Bowl, followed quickly by spring. Gotta love that!

Back to the winter’s TV watching…it’s hard to believe how really unpleasant much of the available programming has become. We have a few favorites on CBS prime time. But, mostly we’ve been watching “reality TV” on cable; things like “Rehab Addict”, “Fixer Upper” & “Property Brothers”. There are a few shows on Food Network and there’s “Faceoff” on Syfy.

Thinking about “reality TV” got me thinking about a “reality series” of our own. Much of it is already written and posted in a category I’ve calledour journey” up to now.  Tonight I’m thinking of changing that category to reality series and eventually I’ll begin writing an account of some of the more interesting and bizarre situations we’ve encountered along the way.  I have to honestly say, some of the stuff we’ve seen and heard would make the people on “Dance Moms” blush…and all in the name of Christianity, too.  The names, of course, will be changed…to protect the innocent. [insert evil grin].

see ya soon

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  1. yes it has been long…but then it seems long every year we go through them :0) Spring is just around the corner Ellen … mari


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