Winter in our neighborhood

Winter in our part of the world often, very often, looks like this. You get up in the morning and look across the lane toward the meadow and see…trees in silhouette, white fog blanketing the world and limiting viability to the length of a football field. There are drops of moisture sliding off of everything.

Fog to the left of me.

There’s fog to the left of me,

fog to the right of me

fog to the right of me, and here I am…

stuck in the middle

stuck in the middle of winter in the Central San Joaquin Valley.

Granted, the sun usually burns the fog away by mid-day, so we can see all the way to the buildings on the back of the meadow. For reference that’s probably about three football fields away. Big difference in a fairly short time. But, even at 4:30 pm, when the last photo was taken, you can see the still gray sky.

About now we’re longing for sunny days and blue skies. By June we’ll be begging for cooler days and clouds. Never satisfied with the weather—the permanent condition of the human race. Just sayin’.

see ya soon

3 thoughts on “foggy mornings

  1. Dear Ellen … I have enjoyed browsing your “space” and the inspiration that you share here. I love foggy days and the cosiness of being inside all warm and cosy. Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri


    1. Thank you Teri. Thanks for your visit. I love foggy days, too…mostly 😉 Just so.o.o ready for spring now.


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