Over-thinking ruins friendships and relationships.
Over-thinking creates problems you never had.
Don’t over-think it.
Just overflow with positives.


One of the things I have always been guilty of is over-thinking in most situations.

It is a very self-defeating habit!

It ruins friendships because it creates problems that were never there at all. The problems come from making an attempt to play both sides of every conversation, always anticipating what the other person is thinking and assuming I know how they will respond. So not a good thing.

It damages relationships because it magnifies problems that stem from imaginary slights and over-sights. It leads to strife and manipulative behavior. SO not a good thing.

When I found a graphic online with the above quote the enormity of the problems I have created for myself over the years, simply by over-thinking everything, really came home to roost. It made me realize it must stop. Now!

It’s time to stop second guessing everything and simply go with the good guidance I’m always advising others to accept.

If you’re wondering why, or how, or when, or IF… well… Stop it! Don’t over-think it.

see ya soon