dont’ mess with perfection

If it ain’t broke….

Well…you know the rest. Don’t try to fix perfection.

baking cookies

There are lots of recipes in my cookbook. A few of ’em are considered perfection by those who enjoy home made treats.

Nana’s famous Chocolate chip cookies head the list. But I’ve been watching The Food Network quite a bit lately and so I decided to use some of the professional’s tips for baking.

Buy the best chocolate you can afford.
Always bake with room temperature eggs.
and so forth and so on….

Last week D requested cookies. So…I purchased the expensive Chocolate Chips and left the eggs out until they were at room temperature then proceeded to bake said cookies.

It was a disaster!

I can’t exactly say WHY it didn’t work, but the cookies were flat, greasy, chewy and they didn’t taste famous at all.  D ate a few right from the oven, as usual.  He didn’t say much, but the one I ate wasn’t right and I could tell he thought the same thing. The rest sat around for a couple of days. That’s totally un-usual! Finally the remainder of the first pan full and the whole frozen batch got thrown in the trash. And we agreed…don’t mess with perfection! Period!

This afternoon I made a new batch of cookies. The eggs were straight out of the fridge. The chocolate chips were the same old semi-sweet morsels I’ve used forever, and D said, “Now that’s the right recipe!”

Ready to eat
Ready to freeze

We ate a few, put the rest in the freezer, and promised not to try fixin’ what ain’t broke.

see ya soon