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leaving July

Re-inventing myself again!

July has been a month of change here at the cottage. We replaced a dilapidated, leaky storage shed with something more substantial and useful. The garden and patios have been “under” construction since the 4th of June. And, since yours truly is the go-fer on our construction projects, blog posts have been way down on the priority scale.

The front porch / studio was suffering from a lack-luster use of space, too. That called for more changes. Small spaces require careful placement for efficient use of square footage. We swapped the seating area and the drawing stuff around…a minor two-day project. Now the chairs are in front of the south window and the desk, surrounded by drawing stuff, faces west and is not subjected to the glare of the summer sun. It’s much better.

There have been a few more changes this summer. I won’t bore you with all the details. But with so many changes and re-arranges I figured it was time for a change here in the cyber cottage, too.

So.o.o… I’m going back to Contentment Cottage at nanaellen.com, basically because that’s where most of you look for me anyway. All of the extra social network stuff is being dumped. From now on it’s going to be facebook, twitter, and Pinterest. Period!

You are all invited to visit, any time. Your comments are appreciated and enjoyed. Visitors are fun! Hope to see you soon.

see ya soon