Goodbye August! What a month!!! At least two-thirds of you was spent sleeping off the side effects of sinus meds.

The score: e feeling miserable 80, e being creativity 20. No posts. No pictures. No stories. Not really much of anything creative. Just barely strength enough to do the daily “have to” chores.

Our valley has been filled with smoke and ash from the devastating forest fires raging in the Sierra. Plus, everything is covered with dust and pollen from the long, dry summer. Breathing is not recommended for people with allergies or “sensitive groups.”

We have normally been blessed with at least one cleansing rain late in August or early in September. This year…who knows? It has been four years since rainfall has been “normal” in the San Joaquin Valley. I’m seriously praying for relief from the drought and for a better September.

Welcome September

For me September means we are entering my favorite time of  year.

Days, and nights, are cooler. Colors are brighter. Sounds are softer. Smells are spicy and bring back warm memories of a more gentle time.

A few days ago I walked through the garden and picked up several bright leaves that bear witness to the changing season. Red, gold and yellow leaves scattered across the paths signal that summer has worn out her welcome and autumn is knocking at my door. I love it.

As I’ve grown older I’ve come to recognize those things that make me happy.

There are soothing sounds: the ticking of an antique wall clock, rain on the roof, the dawn song of a robin, thunder storms, the night in a forest, ocean waves pounding the shore, the rushing babble of a stream, the crackle of an open fire, to name a few.

There are precious moments of solitude when I’m writing (here on the blog or on a book). I love walking in the rain, or in the snow, or on a beach (anytime, anywhere). I love driving  a fast sports car, although it’s been a few years since I’ve done that. I love reading, curled up in a cozy chair in front of the fireplace.

I surround myself with subtle fragrance, and softness, whenever possible. The way bedding and throws, pillows and towels feel and smell is important to me.

And, all of the things I love seem to just naturally come together as summer gives way to fall and fall slips into the Holidays.  Yes. Welcome September. I’m looking forward to you this year.

see ya soon

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    1. Thank you Katie. The news says we received some “rain” early Monday morning, but it didn’t wet the ground. How’s that rain, I want to know. Oh well…just keep praying.

      Enjoyed having you visit and comment.


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