Another sleepless night!

So? Is that God’s way of saying, “we need to talk.”

If it’s You Lord – what do I need to hear? I’m perfectly certain there is a perfectly good reason for Your call. You always have a perfectly good reason. Everything You do is perfect.

For right now, let me try to illustrate the dream I just had in the waking fog between sleep and fully awake.

In my dream there were three bright gear-like objects revolving around each other in a field of utter darkness.


As I meditated on the image it became clear that Jesus, The Beloved Son, revolves around God, His Father. Within The Son dwells The Holy Spirit, represented by Holy anointing oil, who becomes Comforter, Counselor and Friend to the believer.

The scarlet covered dot outside of this most powerful organism represents me (and you) covered in the sins of the world, lost and alone, without Christ. Thank God I have been transferred into Christ, where my sins are washed white as snow and I am forever protected, by the most powerful organism in the universe.

Colossians 1:13
He has delivered us from the dominion of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son,

This wonderful vision shines like a pearl, dropped into the secret place of my heart.

I pray that in your hour of need you will find this treasure and realize, perhaps for the first time, its value.