garden is sleepingGardens may indeed be sleeping in other parts of the US, but January gardening is necessary in Cali.  The Old Farmers Almanac says the onion sets must go in by the 22nd…! Missed that one. Again. But the beds are ready for soil and the path is half finished.

D is holding off on lifting the 30 additional bricks until his sore body tells him he can go at it again.

Gardening is reminiscent of school teaching in that he spends most of the winter working out in front of football games, etc. Then when January rolls around he decides it’s time to garden (or in the case of school—start a Judo class). After lifting a ton of bricks and wood, crouching and bending (or in the case of school—demonstrating circle throws on the entire 7th grade) he spends a few days nursing his body back to normal…then full speed ahead.  All I have to tell you is…it’s a darn good thing he retired from teaching before he became a “serious” gardener.

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see ya soon